A passionate teacher, Eric Thievon has written around twenty manuscripts for learning the drums.

These books are intended for the various steps of learning, from initiation to the youngest to advanced techniques of the instrument.

Some collections are used in drum schools such as « Génération Batterie” or « Batterie Mode d’Emploi” co signed with great drummer Alain Gozzo.

These books are for the majority accompanied by audio or / and video supports in order to immediately put the theory into The MUSIC.

Eric has also co-written works for other instruments (bass, guitar, harmonica, etc.) in various styles such as the successful “Training Session” (Rock & Hard, Blues & Shuffle, Funk & Jazz Funk, Métier & Variété, Latin & Afro Cuban…)

A large part of these works are now available in multimedia support, pdf and mp3 downloads, iPad and Android.