Pulsa’sons #2




Pulsa’sons is a Eric Thiévon collection of three albums dedicated to French family drummers and percussionists in the large variety of styles.

Pulsa’sons #2  (2010)

Album : 17 songs

Production : ABCDrums Studio & Oxybia

Distribution : Sgt Major

Editions : Oxybia

Editing & Mixing at ABCDrums Studio by Eric Thievon

Eric Thiévon, Gael Feret, Guy Broglé, Mickael Boudoux, Bertrand Renaudin, Franck Marco, Guillaume Pihet, Nasser Saidani, Olivier Baldissera, Guillaume Arbonville, Alain de Campos, Stéphane Avellaneda, Dawood Bounabi, Jean Mickael Tallet.